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The tablet production has kept its leading position among the dosage forms manufactured by the company. The tablet forms are used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurologic and respiratory systems.

The tablet production constitutes approximately 86% of the total manufacturing. 192 million tablets were produced in 2016. A flexible technology has been applied to all production processes in order to guarantee the flawless manufacturing cycle and the strict compliance with all deadlines for deliveries and distribution of products on the market.

The two production units of the Tablet Department were completely reconstructed and renovated in compliance with the current requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice by the investment of Euro 3051 thousand. The manufacturing equipment and the systems for the air and water supply were constructed and installed in compliance with the most recent international standards. The total area of the Tablet Department is 1500 m2 and its production capacity is 500 million tablets per year which is enough to satisfy the increased market demands.

The company manufactures a substantial part of the most essential pharmaco-therapeutic categories therefore it has become a traditional and well-known manufacturer making its best efforts to be respected by consumers and following the basic principle to provide high-quality medicines and good patient care.


Solid Dosage Forms Solid Dosage Forms Solid Dosage Forms