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The Company manufacture is focused on three main directions:

Solid dosage forms
• Major part in the Company manufacture is covered by the tablets used in the treatment of the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous and respiratory systems.

Concentrates for hemodialysis
• The Company is the main manufacturer of solutions in Bulgaria.
• In 2013 Unipharm releases new concentrates for hemodialysis. The new product list covers all groups concentrates for hemodialysis: acetate, a wide range of certified acid concentrated for bicarbonate hemodialysis with dilutions 1:35 and 1:45, an extended group of alkaline concentrated for bicarbonate hemodialysis with an innovative bicarbonate solution 8,4% Plus (to reduce cardiovascular and soft tissue calcification, and also a dry sodium bicarbonate in its two known forms – “cart” and “bag”.
Liquid dosage forms
• The Company manufactures its own products as well as products on contract manufacture. Unipharm produces medicines, as well as medical devices in the form of nasal, oral and ear solutions, creams and gels.

For 2017 the company realized revenues from sales of drugs of over BGN 18,8 million, as the solid dosage forms represent 82%, the concentrates for hemodialysis – 10% and the liquid dosage forms – 7%.



Covering a large part of the most significant pharmacotherapeutic categories defines the Company as a traditional and well established manufacturer intending to preserve the customers' trust and to ensure medicinal products with high quality for human healthcare.