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For the period 2004 – 2007 Unipharm JSC marked a growth in sales revenues of between 2.5% and 27%. According to a report by IMS Health for Bulgaria, Unipharm occupies the 20th place with 1.5 % market share of the total volume.

Unipharm JSC is developing in compliance with the general market trends. The development of the
pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria since 2001 till 2006 is characterized by an average annual growth
of 18.5%. For the period 2007 – 2012 the market volume in terms of value is expected to grow with
about 40% to EUR 909 million, with average annual growth of 5.6%.


For the period since the privatization of the Company in July 1998 till the middle of 2006 investments were made in the amount of BGN 20 million.

• The tablet workshop was expanded, modernized and reequipped with new machines and a new production line for solid dosage forms was set up.
• Totally reconstructed and reequipped was the production unit for concentrates for hemodialysis.
• A new line for liquid dosage forms was constructed.
• A new control and analytical block was built up and equipped with all adjoining chemical and microbiological laboratories.
• The construction of a new administrative building was fully completed.
• New premises were built up for the Quality Assurance Department.
• A new hall was built up and equipped for in-house staff training.
• New storage premises for raw materials, materials and finished products with a total area of 1700 sq. m were established complying with Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.
• The material and technical equipment were renewed – computers, a new server station and internal communication network.
• The company infrastructure was completely renewed by building new garage cells and MV maintenance service.