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Liquid Dosage Forms

The production unit where solutions, creams and gels are manufactured is mainly used for contracted manufacturing of products ordered by SOPHARMA AD and the different capacities of the technological equipment enhance flexible planning of the manufacturing process and the release of the medicinal products grouped under the following therapeutic categories:

• Dermatological products
• Musculoskeletal system
• Sensory organs

UNIPHARM AD is the only manufacturer of SOPHARMA AD for the following medicinal products:

• Oral drops:
Vitamin А – without prescription
Deavit - with prescription
Tilidin Sopharma – opioid analgesic with special prescription
Analgin – non-presription analgesic
• Ear drops:
Furotalgin – for treatment of acute inflammatory conditions of the internal auditory canal and the middle ear.
• Gels:
Feloran 1% and 5% without prescription

These are sold not only on the Bulgarian pharmaceutical market but on foreign markets as well - Georgia, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Poland. We have contracted production of some medicines with the National Health Insurance Fund (Deavit) and with the Ministry of Health (Tilidin Sopharma). These medicines are produced in the solution production unit (nasal, ear and oral drops) which is the only facility of the kind in the Sopharma Group.

Unipharm produces also medical products of its own – medicines and healthcare products:
• Nasal drops:
Xylopharm 0,05% (for children) and 0,1% (for adults) without prescription – exported to Libya.
• Dermal solutions:
Acnerin 3% with prescription
• Healthcare products (diagnostic devices):

Liquid Dosage Forms Liquid Dosage Forms Liquid Dosage Forms