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Unipharm JSC is an established manufacturer of high quality medicinal products, conforming to the high standards of Good Manufacturing Practice.

The main mission of Unipharm JSC is the manufacture of medicinal products for human healthcare.

The Company aims at meeting the requirements of the market and directs its efforts towards searching new market niches to satisfy growing customer demands.

The Company invests in production and scientific implementation mainly in the field of generic products. Unipharm manufactures its own products as well as products on contract manufacture for its main partner Sopharma JSC as the latter take up almost one third of the total product manufacture for the passed year under review.

Two thirds of Assignor’s products are realized on foreign markets as Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics, the Caucasus, Middle Asia and others.

The subject of activity of Unipharm JSC is medicinal products manufacture, research and experimental activities in the field of medicinal products manufacture, verifying the quality of manufactured medicinal products, sales/supply and trading activities.


The company’s products are realized mainly at the Bulgarian market, but also in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia and others.